8 Tips for Planning The Perfect Party By: Julia Minicucci

Simplicity at its best…

Planning the perfect Party!10940566_527814524026720_8324062064327268470_n

Whether it’s a party of five, or a party of fifty, everyone stresses about putting together the ultimate party for any occasion. From menu prep to what colour linens, there is always some form of overwhelming doubt.

Take a step back and breathe…

Rather then stressing out, remind 10926228_527814307360075_6270650841544986928_nyourself to stay calm and enjoy the planning process by just keeping it simple. Simplicity and taking time to really focus on the details are the two key elements when planning any type of party.

Parties allow us to celebrate life’s milestones with the people we cherish the most, providing us with some much needed fun, great laughs, and memorable photo-ops that will last forever. Let’s not forget to mention the pride you receive after throwing a great party, when you finally have the chance to see your vision come to life for your loved ones to enjoy…nothing is more rewarding.

When planning your next birthday party, intimate dinner, child’s religious milestone, or any 10376845_512400092234830_6812049994758834587_nother occasion you choose to celebrate keep the following steps in mind…

1. Plan Ahead

  • It’s never too early to start thinking about ideas. Keep a pen and paper handy to jot down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind.

2. Decide on your budget.

  • Will you be doing all the prepping, cooking, and decorating yourself or do you need extra help?
  • Budget permitting, hire a party planner!

3. Keep it Simple

  • Remember less is more! Try to stick to one theme, one colour pallet and subtle 10868057_508788215929351_5756314448200628581_ndetails that pop.
  • Choosing a theme that will help you dictate the food, the drinks and the décor.
  • Get some Pinspiration! Social media is a great way research some get party ideas!

4. Stay organized

  • Keep a to do list, Detailed lists are a great way for anyone to keep track of what needs to be done, and sometimes getting it down on paper eliminates the daunting feeling.
  • Take inventory of your materials on hand; will you have enough table and chairs, dinnerware, glasses, cutlery and serving ware? Thinking about this ahead can save you some time by accessing what you need before hand and save you money from buying things you already own from previous occasions.

5. Attention to Detail

  • It’s the small things that really make the difference, whether it’s a monogrammed seating card, or a personalized invitation. Focus on the little ways that you can personalize the event to make it stand out from the rest.

6. Ask for10410120_527814437360062_7761869463618340972_n help

  • Don’t be shy to ask for help! Taking it on alone can get overwhelming. Make it into something you can enjoy and share with a good friend or close family member who probably has some great insight and ideas.
  • There are plenty of party planners within your neighbourhood that would love to help.

7. Give yourself enough time

  • On the day of the party, give yourself plenty of time to set up. Don’t wait until the last minute and stress yourself out. Or set-up a day earlier!
  • Any dishes that can be pre-made should be cooked/prepped the day before (if applicable).

8. Relax and Enjoy

Last, but not least, relax and enjoy yourself! A relaxed host/hostess is essential to throwing 1965588_398033973671443_2935967236240407087_o (1)the best party. If you’re enjoying yourself, your guests will be happy and have fun as well.



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From a Timeless Tradition to a Trendy Par-tea for Girls

From a Timeless Tradition to a Trendy Par-tea for Girls at Petite and Posh Vaughan

Their guests range from parents to siblings, classmates to stuffed animals. The food can be pap-logoplastic or real, sweet or savoury. Multi- coloured tea cups are carefully filled with chilled tea, water, or any other beverage poured from imagination.  No matter what or who is included, a tea party has always been a little girl’s prerogative. She can make all of her own choices, and enter a utopia of enchantment and elegance that manifests from her mind and her heart. Within girls’ tea party fantasies, they can drink, eat and gossip, all while dressed up in the fanciest attire they can find – often from their mothers’ wardrobes and make-up drawers. But now, little ladies are able to have tea parties outside their rooms, in the company of friends and family. They can eat real, delicious pastries, and engage in conversation while learning high tea etiquette. Girls’ tea party dreams can become reality at Petite and Posh.

DSC_9027Girls receive utmost royal treatment from posh party hostesses. Mini make-up application, polished nails, and a petite hairstyle are perfectly performed. Highly sought-after Anna and Elsa costumes, DSC_9157posh dresses, funky sunglasses and wigs, are waiting to be tried on with creative experimentation of items that fill the room with laughter! After dressing up, girls will waltz their way down the ritzy runway before gathering together to celebrate in song at the karaoke station. Little ladies are able to bring along their dolls where they can create matching bracelets and receive matching hairstyles and accessories.

Visit Petite and Posh today at 8611 Weston Rd Unit #28 L4L 9P1 or call them at 905-856-8118

Guest Blog Post by Dionne Kallmeyer from Petite and Posh

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World Nutella Day: Uniting Nutella Lovers One Spoonful at a Time

World Nutella Day: Uniting Nutella Lovers One Spoonful at a Time

By Special Guest Blogger : Jenny Arena

What happens when you take two fabulous food writers, combine their love of an Italian childhood staple and add in a dash of genius and creativity? You get the birth of a global holiday dedicated to the celebration of Nutella. Now that is a reason to party! Co-created by Nutellatini-200x300Italian-American writers Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio, World Nutella Day is enjoying its9th delicious year, spreading the love of the famed chocolate, hazelnut spread globally. This food holiday was conceptualized to encourage Nutella enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy and get creative with the splendiferous spread. It is the perfect day for Nutella lovers everywhere to unite and just spoon.

There are literally hundreds of way to enjoy the velvety goodness of Ferrero’s crema gianduia, one of the best being in a glass of cheer. So raise yours in toast to the iconic spread with this sinfully delicious Nutellatini.


 1 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream (2 oz. shot)

 1.5 shots of Frangelico liqueur

 4 shots of milk

 1 tbls Nutella + additional for drizzle and rim

 Chopped hazelnuts

 Ice


WorldNutellaDay_logoDrizzle Nutella into a martini glass and then spread some along the rim of the glass. Dip the rim of the glass into the chopped hazelnuts and then proceed to chill the glass.

In a small sauce pan warm up the milk and dissolve the Nutella until it has turned into hot chocolate milk. Allow to cool and pour into a shaker with the Bailey’s, Frangelico and ice. Shake until well chilled then gently pour into the chilled martini glass and enjoy.

Credit to Venus Gennaro for the Martini Photo

Pizza: The Perfect Palette

Pizza: The Perfect Palette

By Special Guest Blogger : Jenny Arena from Fables and Focaccia

Pizza, the oven-baked flat bread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and often

1463115_619689611432058_1973841726_nsupplemented with various meats, vegetables and condiments.   From its humble beginnings in Ancient Greece as bread covered with oil and herbs to its now esteemed Protected Designation of Origin status in Naples, it is a dish that has become entrenched in our culinary world.   Whether served straight out of the box as a snack on game day, or dressed up in miniature as an elegant appetizer, pizza is the perfect palette. The famed flatbread even enjoys a month long celebration in its honor every fall, with the observance of National Pizza Month in October. It is consumed in my household, on average, at least once a week, whether we order in, dine out at one of our favorite pizzerias (That’s Italian, Fabbrica, Pizzeria Via Mercanti, and Terroni to name a few), or rolled out and baked ourselves.  It is inarguably the one food that can be mutually agreed upon and the one with which we can also express the most edible creativity.  1472015_619689698098716_911308080_nThis simple dough is always the perfect canvas on which many a delectable meal has been based, with an immeasurable amount of flavor and color combinations. Not to mention its incredible versatility. Pizza can seamlessly make the transition from breakfast (topped with sweetened mascarpone and fresh berries, or bacon and eggs); to lunch (folder over into a hand held calzone or panzerotto, or rolled intoStromboli); to dinner (an herbed focaccia as an appetizer or topped in any number of ways and served with a salad as a main); to dessert (with a generous smear of Nutella, strawberries and a dusting of powdered sugar).

10154439_713788842022134_1609900665706242106_nThe act of rolling out dough opens up a world of possibilities. The classic renditions of Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil) or pepperoni and cheese are just the beginning.  Think white; drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, thinly sliced potatoes and rosemary; or green with pesto, grilled zucchini, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, black olives and parmigiano; perhaps purple with roasted beet puree, grilled fennel, pistachios and goat cheese; or if burgundy is more your color, fig preserves, smoky speck, arugula and brie. Seasonal ingredients always inspire like artichokes and asparagus paired with gruyere in spring1604489_676199942447691_462438287_n; zucchini blossoms and fior di latte in summer; squash and ricotta in fall; and sausage, rapini and parmigiano in winter. Food artistry comes together at its finest when creating pizzas with pizazz.

No matter how or when you enjoy this pie, it’s always bound to be quite the slice.

Photo Credits to : Vanessa Galle Photography